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News Subject:   《Angels Online》Official Website available
Released Time:   2008-07-23 15:29:29

Fantastic news!!

The Official website of 『Angels Online』is available starting from 23 July!!

《Angels Online》is a 2D cutie style game of fantasy that suitable for players of all ages.
Its game scenes are all in colorful cartoon style, encompassing with its design concept which meant to blend
all preferences as to satisfy different player\'s needs.
Yes, indeed, its game genre is MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) RPG.

The official website will be available from today onwards, whereby players can check for fascinating details of the game.
Stay tuned with our official website for latest updates and sign up for the game play now!

With its unique game mode and interesting game contents,《Angels Online》is expected to upsurge another heat wave of game!
Until then the Guardian Angel system will be released, which enables players to experience a perfect virtual lifestyle
compatible with reality and venture the great meaning of happiness in online game!
How can you resist this virtual yet so-real game of《Angels Online》?

Official Website :

P/S: Chinese version is coming soon!

《Angels Online》Operation Team.